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2 sheet Java Sea Chart c.1720

This attractive map of Java and Madura by Gerard van Keulen was originally published around 1720 in part V of ‘Zee-Fakkel’, the beautiful Dutch pilot guide to navigation in the East Indies and the Malay archipelago. The map contains hundreds of soundings of the sea around Java.

This map consists of two separate sheets (framed in one frame). Available in luxury framing (small inner frames, cloth and an outer frame) or normal framing.

size images: 46 cm x 40 cm

$ 125

3 sheet Java map c.1818

Attractive early 19th century (1818) Dutch map of Java, originally by JS van den Bosch (1780 – 1844), Major General, Knight of the 3rd Class of the Military William Order. Engraved by J. C Visser and produced by the Brothers van Cleef of the Hague and Amsterdam. One of 12 maps from Atlas van Overzeesche bezittingen [Atlas of Oversea Possessions] 1818.

This map is only available on high quality fine art bamboo paper.

$ 125

7 sheet Java Map c.1724

‘NIEUWE EN ZEER NAAUKEURIGE KAART VAN T EYLAND JAVA MAJOR OF GROOT JAVA’ (‘New and very accurate map of the island Java Major or Big Java’). This large size map of Java by Francois Valentyn was originally published in Amsterdam in the ‘Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien’ between 1724 and 1726. The original map of Java consisted of 7 separate maps which featured in the book ‘Beschrijvingen van Groot Djava of te Java Major’ (‘Descriptions of Big Java or Java Major’). From west to east the map shows ‘T Koninkrijk Bantam (the Kingdom of Bantam), ‘T Koninkrijk Jakarta, ‘T Koninkrijk Tsjeribon, De Landen van Mataram (The Countries of Mataram), De Landen van Panaraga , Kadoenwang (The countries of Panaraga, Kadoenwang), ‘t Eyland Madura, ‘t Prinsendom Soerabaja en Passaroewan (The Island Madura, the Princedom Soerabaja and Passaroewan) and ‘T Vorstendom of Landschap Balamboang (the Principality/Princedom or Landscape Balamboang). The map has soundings around the whole coastline of Java and a lot of information on land-use, topography and settlements in early 18th century Java.

This map consists of seven seperate sheets. The framed price includes luxury framing (inner frames around the individual sheets, cloth and a large frame).

Size images: 26 cm x 46 xm (7x)

$ 125

A New Chart of the Java Sea c.1794

This is an edited reproduction of a map originally published in 1794 by Laurie and Whittle of London in ‘The East India Pilot, or Oriental Navigator, on One Hundred and Eighteen Plates: Containing a Complete Collection of Charts and Plans’. In line with other sea charts of this period there is very little information about the inland areas. For merchants the seas and coastal cities were all that mattered.

Size image: 34 cm x 93 cm

$ 46

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony, Card-board with coloured passe-partout.  345 mm width x 425 mm height,  IDR. 279.000

$ 20

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony Framed

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony, Card-board with coloured passe-partout, Fiber Black 2 cm Frame and glass. 345 mm width x 425 mm

$ 27

Bali Girl With Flowers

Bali Girl With Flowers, Card-board with coloured passe-partout.  345 mm width x 425 mm height,  IDR. 279.000  

$ 20

Bali Girl With Flowers Framed

Bali Girl With Flowers, Card-board with coloured passe-partout in Frame. 345 mm width x 425 mm height,  IDR. 379.000  

$ 27

Air France World Map c.1938

Double hemisphere world map by Lucien Boucher showing Air France flying routes in the late 1940s.

size image: 64 cm x 39 cm (M) or 108 cm x 66 cm (L, printed on canvas)

$ 35

Bali Hotel Denpasar

The first step of organized tourism in Balinese history was made in 1924 when the Koninklijke Paketvaart-Maatschappij (KPM) established a weekly steamship route between Bali and Batavia (Jakarta), Singapore, Semarang, Surabaya and Makassar. The first tourists were from the Dutch colonial administration. The schedule was that the passengers disembarked on a Friday morning, made a round trip on the island by car and left on Sunday. They slept on the ship or in rest houses. Four years later, in 1928, the first international hotel in Bali was opened by the Dutch shipping company KPM: the Bali Hotel in downtown Denpasar, built on the site of the 1906 Badung puputan. Today the hotel still exists, holding a different name: Inna Bali Hotel.

size image: 44 cm x 69 cm


$ 36

Balinese Dancer

Highly decorative movie poster of the 1937 German movie “Die Insel der Dämonen” (Island of demons) by Franz Würbel.

size image: 44 cm x 69 cm (M) or 75 cm x 115 cm (L, on canvas)

$ 50

Exhibition Semarang 1914

Poster by Dutch artist Albert Pieter Hahn advertising the colonial exhibition in Semarang in 1914. The exhibition in 1914 was the biggest art event ever held in Indonesia and was even included as one of the 10 World Expo’s (World Fair). The image depicts a Javanese bride wearing traditional costume.

size image: 41 cm x 64 cm (M) or 76 cm x 115 cm (L, on canvas)

$ 50

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