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East Indies Art is specialised in making high-quality reproductions of antique maps, prints, vintage posters and photographs. We love antique maps because they are truly windows into history, showing paths of exploration, scientific discovery, developing and changing societies, and much more. Antique prints, photographs, and vintage posters are a snapshot of a moment of time and they connect us to the places that are most important to us, our journeys and home towns, our ancestry, our rich history and common heritage. But most of all, they all are beautiful works of art in their own right!

About Bartele Gallery

Original Antique Maps & Prints


Bartele Gallery is the largest retail store of East Indies Art, with all items from this website available in stock, framed and unframed.

Bartele Gallery Jakarta is the only dedicated Gallery in Indonesia for antique Maps, Prints, Photographs, Books, Ancient Coins and Antiquities; ideal for a unique memento or decorative art piece investment from Indonesia. Thousands of maps and prints of over 100 years old; come, enjoy, discuss, research and invest our Antiques & Art!

You are more than welcome to visit Bartele Gallery, open daily.

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