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Balinese Dancer C.1937

Highly decorative movie poster of the 1937 German movie “Die Insel der Dämonen” (Island of demons) by Franz Würbel.

size : 43 cm x 63 cm (S)  –  55,8 cm x 82,5 cm (M)  –  73,4 cm x 109 cm (L)

Printed on canvas – vinyl.

$ 18







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Indonesian Fruit Pisang

Indonesian Fruit Pisang, Card-Board, 345 x 425, RP. 279,000    

$ 20

Mappe Monde c.1724

Decorative world map by the great French cartographer Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726), one of the key figures in the development of French cartography who believed passionately in the importance of accuracy. This twin-hemispheric map was originally published by Delisle in 1724 in his “Atlas Nouveau”.The map shows the routes of a number of the world’s major explorers: Magellan (1520), Le Maire (1615), St. Louis (1708), Halley (1700), Mendana (1595), St. Antoine (1710), Tasman (1642) and Quiroz (1605).

Size image: 64 cm x 44 cm

$ 36

Map of the World c.1685

Attractive late 17th century map of the world, originally published by the famous Dutch cartographer and publisher Nicolaes Visscher. This iconic map is regarded as the master forerunner of a number of highly decorative Dutch world maps produced throughout the remainder of the century. Distinctive attractiveness found in the border decorations showing dramatical classical scenes representing “the rape of Persephone”, “Zeus being carried across the heavens in an eagle-drawn chariot”, “Poseidon commanding his entourage”, and “Demeter receiving the fruits of the Earth”.This highly decorative piece of art includes a set of smaller polar hemispheric projections at the top and bottom of the map.

size image: 48 cm x 40 cm

$ 35

KLM Airlines 1934 Poster

Decorative poster of KLM’s 1934 flight schedule and route map from Amsterdam to Batavia , a 14.350 km long route. KLM proudly advertised that it took five and a half days to reach the Dutch East Indies. Compared to 6 weeks on a ship it sure made a difference! Shown is a globe presented as if seen from outer space, a starlit sky fills in the spaces around the globe which shows the route map. The aircraft shown is a Fokker F-XXXVI.

size image: 62 cm x 89 cm (canvas)

$ 62

random products

2 sheet Java Sea Chart c.1720

This attractive map of Java and Madura by Gerard van Keulen was originally published around 1720 in part V of ‘Zee-Fakkel’, the beautiful Dutch pilot guide to navigation in the East Indies and the Malay archipelago. The map contains hundreds of soundings of the sea around Java.

This map consists of two separate sheets (framed in one frame). Available in luxury framing (small inner frames, cloth and an outer frame) or normal framing.

size images: 46 cm x 40 cm

$ 125

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony, Card-board with coloured passe-partout.  345 mm width x 425 mm height,  IDR. 279.000

$ 20

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony Framed

3 Bali Girls Barong Ceremony, Card-board with coloured passe-partout, Fiber Black 2 cm Frame and glass. 345 mm width x 425 mm

$ 27

3 sheet Java map c.1818

Attractive early 19th century (1818) Dutch map of Java, originally by JS van den Bosch (1780 – 1844), Major General, Knight of the 3rd Class of the Military William Order. Engraved by J. C Visser and produced by the Brothers van Cleef of the Hague and Amsterdam. One of 12 maps from Atlas van Overzeesche bezittingen [Atlas of Oversea Possessions] 1818.

This map is only available on high quality fine art bamboo paper.

$ 125


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