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Taman Fatahillah

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Reproduction of a chromolithograph, after J.C. Rappard from M.T.H. Perelaer’s Nederlandsch-Indie Java Door De Buitenbezittingen published in Leiden in 1883. Shown is the Town Hall of Batavia. This building was the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and later of the Dutch Colonial Government. The current building was constructed in 1707 by the city government, replacing the former city hall built in 1627. Governor General Abraham van Riebeeck inaugurated it in 1710. As the city continue to expand southward, the building’s function as city hall (Dutch gemeentehuis) ended by 1913. Nowadays the Jakarta History Museum (Indonesian: Museum Sejarah Jakarta), also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum, uses this building.

Size image: 23 cm x 17 cm


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