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Carte Generale du Monde c.1676

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Decorative double-hemisphere map of the world, originally published by the French geograpfher Pierre Duval (1618–1683). The representation of Australia (Nouvelle Holande) is depicted in an unusual and less accurate form. In North America, California is shown as an island, and the Great Lakes are open-ended towards the west. A large Terre de Iesso spans nearly the entire North Pacific. In South America, the mythical Lac Parime and Lac Xaraies still appear. Duval also depicts a massive southern continent, which is nearly attached to Nouvelle Zelande and is labeled Terre de Quir. Surrounding the hemispheres are diagrams showing the planetary orbits and the ancient and modern names of the winds, as well as a terrestrial globe and an armillary sphere.

size image: 60 cm x 34 cm

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H 34 cm x W 60 cm


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