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Map of Maluku ‘Amboina’ c.1724

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Detailed map of Amboina (Ambon) and neighboring islands, from Francois Valentijn’s “Oud en Nieuw Oost Indien”. Francois Valentijn (1666–1727) was a minister, naturalist and writer.
The descriptions A to G in the inset give information regarding the most important comodities in the East Indies: nutmeg and clove trees. The description for A says in Dutch: ‘is the big nutmeg forest ditributed in 1667’. The first sentence for G is: ‘the forest about Locky has an uncountable number of young trees 2 to 3 fingers thick’.
Size image: 79 cm x 32 cm
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Valentijn was born in 1666 in Holland, and was employed by the Dutch V.O.C. (East India Company) at the age of 19, where he served as Minister to the East Indies, notably in Ambon, in the Maluku Archipelago. In total, Valentijn lived in the East Indies for 16 years. After he returned to Holland he wrote his Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien (1724–26) a massive work of five parts published in eight volumes and containing over one thousand illustrations and including some of the most accurate maps of the Indies of the time. Valentijn probably had access to the V.O.C.’s archive of maps and geographic secrets which they had always guarded jealously, and was fortunate to have seen his work published, as the V.O.C. strictly enforced a policy prohibiting former employees from publishing anything about the region or their colonial administration.



W 79 x H 32


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