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Greater Bird of Paradise

A fine reprint of the Greater Bird of Paradise by Eduard Travies, one of the greatest ornithological artists of the 19th century, published in his finest work ‘Les Oiseaux Les Plus Remarquables. ’The Great Bird of Paradise is the largest most spectacular member of a family of 40 species grouped under the name Paradiseidae.

size image: 51 cm x 38 cm

$ 48

Sumatra c.1724

An early 18th century map of Sumatra and the southern part of the Malay peninsula in modern outline colour by Francois Valentyn is from his eight-volume history of the East Indies entitled Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien that was published in Amsterdam by Gerard Onder de Linden and the bookseller Joannes van Bram between 1724 and 1726. The work contained numerous charts of the major islands including this large map of Sumatra oriented with east at the top.

Size image: 51 cm x 60 cm (printed on canvas)

$ 40

City Plan of Batavia c.1681

This map of Batavia, nowadays Jakarta, was originally published by the Italian historian Gregorio Leti (1630-1710) and was based on the earlier map of Batavia published by Clement de Jonghe in 1650. At the bottom of the map is a view of the city from the sea: for most people this was the first glimpse of the city, after a long sailing journey. Shown are a few Dutch large size sailing vessels, the old Dutch Castle, the canals and the old city walls.

size : 53,5 cm x 43,5 cm (S) – 70 cm x 57 cm (M) – 93 cm x 76 cm (L)

Printed on canvas – vinyl

$ 15

2 sheet Java Sea Chart c.1720

This attractive map of Java and Madura by Gerard van Keulen was originally published around 1720 in part V of ‘Zee-Fakkel’, the beautiful Dutch pilot guide to navigation in the East Indies and the Malay archipelago. The map contains hundreds of soundings of the sea around Java.

This map consists of two separate sheets (framed in one frame). Available in luxury framing (small inner frames, cloth and an outer frame) or normal framing.

size images: 46 cm x 40 cm

$ 125

Asia c.1604

Reproduction of a rare early 17th century map of Asia by the great Dutch engraver and map publisher Jodocus Hondius (1563-1612), who worked with many of the most prominent cartographers and publishers of maps at the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. In 1604 he bought the plates of Mercator’s Atlas which, in spite of its excellence, had not competed successfully with Abraham Ortelius’ Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. In order to meet this competition Hondius added 37 new maps including one of the Asian continent and from 1606 published enlarged editions of the so-called Mercator/Hondius Atlas Sive Cosmographicae mediations de fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura. The new general delineation of Asia was to become the standard delineation of the region for the next 20 years. Hondius included a number of updates on the map with Korea being shown as an island and Japan is shown as three principal islands. The geography of the East Indian Islands is based on the Portuguese sources revealed in Linschoten’s Itinerario (1596) and Theodore De Bry’s Petit Voyages (1598-99). Java is shown with an incomplete southern coastline and New Guinea, which is marked with Spanish place names following, has an accompanying note in Latin stating; “Whether this is an island or part of the continent of Terra Australia has not yet been identified.”

Size: 53 cm x 40 cm
$ 36

Two Bali Girls Offering Framed

Two Bali Girls Offering, Card-board with coloured passe-partout, Framed, 345 mm width x 425 mm height,  IDR. 379.000

$ 27

Tree Java Landscape no 1 – Jan Poortenaar

Tree no 1 by Jan Poortenaar (1922)

size :  48,6 cm x 37,5 cm (S)  –  63,8 cm x 49 cm (M)  –  84,7 cm x 65 cm (L)

Printed on canvas – vinyl

$ 12

KLM Airlines 1934 Poster

Decorative poster of KLM’s 1934 flight schedule and route map from Amsterdam to Batavia , a 14.350 km long route. KLM proudly advertised that it took five and a half days to reach the Dutch East Indies. Compared to 6 weeks on a ship it sure made a difference! Shown is a globe presented as if seen from outer space, a starlit sky fills in the spaces around the globe which shows the route map. The aircraft shown is a Fokker F-XXXVI.

size image: 62 cm x 89 cm (canvas)

$ 62

Mappe Monde c.1713

A very attractive twin hemisphere map of the world by the famous Dutch cartographer Pieter (Pierre) Vander Aa published in his atlas ‘Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde’ in Leiden in 1713.This uncommon decorative world map has vignettes symbolizing the four continents filling the corners and illustrates the routes of several sixteenth century explorers in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including Magellan, Tasman, Chevalier de Chermont and Mendana. The western coastline of New Zealand is illustrated, along with parts of Australia and Tasmania. The entire northwest coast of North America is blank above the peninsular California. There is a remnant of the coastline that suggested a connection between North America and Asia on earlier maps: here with a notation concerning the discoveries of Vasco de Gamma. The eastern coast of Asia is truncated and a huge Terre d’Yeco forms the northern part of Japan.

Size image: 21 cm x 30 cm

$ 15

Tropical Birds c.1750

Reproduction of an attractive 1750 hand coloured copper engraving of 4 bird species: bird of paradise, black sicklebill bird of paradise, calao and tucan.

Size image: 19 cm x 24 cm

$ 11

Paradisea Minor c.1873

Large reproduction of a magnificent image from Elliot’s Birds of Paradise, painted by Joseph Wolf originally published in 1873.

Size: 61 cm x 49 cm

$ 45

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